Siga Art creation

Luxury stationery, handmade greetings cards produced to the highest standard in France

Our vision: the power of handwritten communication to forge emotional bonds

For almost 20 years now, Siga-Art Creation, luxury stationery, has championed the art of real writing in a world that has become ever more digitally connected. In order to retain the sense of emotional connection that links us to our nearest and dearest – messaging services and emails notwithstanding – we place all the knowledge, art and skills that we have developed thanks to almost 20 years of experience to provide the perfect backdrop to your words, your emotions, your wishes and your major life events.

From greeting cards to birth announcement cards, thank you cards to personalized handmade greetings cards, we will enable you to communicate your thoughts on high standard stationery in the shape of high quality cards, a range of announcement cards and our very own unique pieces and designs.

Communicating in writing takes communication to a higher plane, creating strong emotional bonds regardless of the miles that separate, enabling us to express our deepest thoughts and most heartfelt wishes. In the midst of life’s joyful – and sometimes painful – events, we help you to keep in touch by means of the pen, to reach out and to remind the addressee they are in your thoughts and prayers. Whether it’s for a customized announcement card, stunning greeting card stationery, Christmas or New Year wishes cards – all made in France – we make it a point of honor to create the most beautiful, artistically-designed cards to showcase your message.

We know that the written word remains when the spoken word has long been forgotten. With this in mind, we offer you backdrops to your words made of high quality material, a striking ‘stage’ that is worthy of and suited to the wishes you want to convey. Take a look at our catalogue of greeting card stationery, handmade cards and Christmas cards online – we create cards for all types of events: birth cards, wedding cards, birthday cards and more.

Handmade in France using high quality materials

On line stationery, with almost 20 years of experience

We have almost 20 years of experience of making gorgeous handmade cards at our premises in the east of France. Many of these designs are fully customizable and we also create numerous small series. Birthday cards, wedding invitations, Christmas greetings cards, correspondence cards…these are just some of the different kinds and designs of cards we offer.

Handmade from high quality material, using only the finest paper, whatever card you choose, it’s already a gift in itself, not to mention a little work of written art. Swarovski crystals, natural flowers, leather gilding – our designs strive above all else to be beautiful, that little bit extra special, and full of colour.

Elegant and painstakingly crafted, our designs are the product of age-old craft skills and traditions that have been handed down from past masters in this field. To this we combine the very latest technology in the shape of laser cut designs. Our card shop is also a family business, a family with a very strong tradition of artists and people who are passionate about aesthetics and design. Our products are available from a range of greeting card shops, including the world-famous Harrods of London. Alternatively, you can choose from our wide range of premium greeting card stationery products online.

Express your wishes with the utmost of style.

Announce your major life events and flag up your special occasions with a card that’s the epitome of elegance and glamour.

Let your pen do the talking on the most beautiful background possible…